Talking in the Library: Episode 5. Sam Hughes continues his General Election interviews and speaks to Gareth Davies, the conservative candidate for Grantham and Stamford.

Blog Editors Note. Sam Hughes continues his interviews of the general election candidates for Grantham and Stamford and today he interviewed Gareth Davies, the Conservative candidate.  Interviews with both the Green Party and the Labour Party are also planned, whilst the interview with the Liberal Democrat candidate has already been vlogged. Sam has shown great […]

Poppy Fleming asks: Why do we still need feminism.

Why do we still need feminism? It is undeniable that in recent years women have gained more and more rights and their status in society has improved, which has led many people to believe that men and women are now equal, causing them to question the rise of feminism, however I don’t believe this is […]

Anna Harris explains the importance of vaccinations.

Vaccinations In our modern society, vaccinations are heralded as the most effectual method for the prevention of many infectious diseases. Before their development, the world’s population faced multiple threats from seemingly inescapable scourges of illness and infection, such as polio, influenza, and smallpox. Immunisation has allowed us to drastically reduce or even, in some cases, […]

James Lovell writes a chilling short story: A Meeting in the Park

A Meeting in the Park. Matthew heard a sudden rustling of leaves behind him and he instantly stood bolt upright from the bench he was sitting on and whipped around. There was nothing there, only the deep impenetrable blackness beyond the lamp light and the dark, shadowy silhouettes of the trees. He stood there for […]

Pippa Bradshaw blog her review of Abre Los Ojos in Spanish.

Un revisión de la película : Abre Los Ojos Para mi, la película era:   Es un thriller psicológico sobre un hombre que se llama César. Se enamora de una mujer, Sofia, pero después sufre de una lesion que amenaza su vida cuando su admiradora estrella su coche mientras lo conducía a casa. La película […]