Olly Blogs about the Karl Nova visit

On Thursday 28th November poet, author and rapper Karl Nova came into Stamford School to talk to Year 8 and 9.
The talk started off with Karl introducing himself and he elaborated on his new book ‘Rhythm and Poetry’ which was published in 2017. Karl told us about the Clippa 2018 award in which he received first place. Karl had a funny and confident personality making the whole experience entertaining and thought-provoking as he really got the message ‘poetry is for everyone’ across. We rapped along to a song of his and he also challenged us to listen out for how many colours he used in his verse. Rap, which stands for rhythm and poetry – as we learnt – was an interesting area to find out about. Few people appreciate the link to poetry. We played fun and interactive games and at the end we were given the opportunity to meet Karl and buy one of his books and ask him some questions. Overall a good morning!

By Olly Billington