Abby blogs a short description of the Oasis in Chapter 1 of Mice and Men.

A Short Description of the Oasis in chapter one of ‘Of Mice and Men’ By Abby Moyse

The sun’s harsh rays beat down, pushing through the gaps in the luscious jade canopy of the droopy sycamore, stippling the ground beneath with a shadowy pattern. Desert grass framed a still, cyan pool, glistening in the heat. A small sandy lizard makes the heap of dry, auburn leaves crinkle under it’s weight. A family of dusty brown rabbits slowly munch on blades of emerald grass and small flowers that surrounded their home, the thorny brush. A solitary, majestic Grey Heron peacefully glided overhead. The only sign of civilisation was the low grumble of traffic on the neighbouring highway. Apart from that the garden was at peace, the perfect garden was Eden.