William Gallagher of Year 5 blogs about The Barnardo’s Concert

This is a Blog on the Barnardo’s concert.

On Monday the 24th of June me (and the and the rest of the choir) set out on a journey to London that would last until 12:30am. We got on the bus and the driver started driving to Birmingham. Luckily we didn’t go that far as the teachers realized and we turned around and went back to school to wait for another bus. We were worrying that we wouldn’t get to the concert in time but in the end we arrived around lunchtime.

When we got to Westminster Hall we started our rehearsals with lots of other schools. We sang about 12 different songs: Mary Poppins Medley, Come Follow The Band, Million Dreams, Dry Your Eyes Afrika, For Good, You Got A Friend In Me, Up On The Roof, Land Of Hope And Glory, etc. The concert started in the evening and we all got to wear special t-shirts. Some of our parents arrived and watched us sing.

During the tiny breaks of the concert people got asked certain questions like: What was your favourite part of the day so far and are you enjoying the day so far. The compere asked me what I’m doing in the summer holidays. I replied a week long fishing trip with my family. After the breaks people did solos and dancing. There was dancing from Pineapple Performing Arts School and solos like the flute.

I really enjoyed the Barnardo’s concert. We sang for the charity called: Barnardo’s for helping children in need.

Link to Barnardo’s charity: