Sixth Form Poetry Competition Winners + Runners up.

Sixth Form Winner

Rosie Harvey


Call of the Sirens

Beautiful creatures

Musical call on the waves;

Enchanting delight


Luring us closer

A force too strong to resist

Angelic Deceit


Desperate Struggle

Carnage our violent fate;

Seduced to the grave



Lower School Winner

Billy Wegg



Opening night,

My saxonphone tuned,

Preparing to daze.

The crowd awaits my rhythm’s embrace.

A melody begins to amaze,

While hearts beat the bass

Louder it plays through the room.



Sixth Form Runner Up

Luisa Queiros


Saturno Devorando a su Hijo

Saturn tears into silken flesh.

Manic eyes, half alive

Gape at me –

Freud’s muse.

Knuckles white, nearly crushing

That pristine form, ripped raw

Oozing like a fig.

A heavenly scene!