Abigail blogs about the Autumn Concert

The Autumn Concert
by Abigail McKee

On Wednesday night (28/11/18) I performed in the Autumn Concert at the OE hall, along with many of my friends. It was a very enjoyable experience for all involved, a particular highlight for me was performing in Percussion band playing Brazil and Street Song. I was playing the glockenspiel in the first piece and definitely made some mistakes, but we all kept going and it sounded amazing. Judging by the applause, the greatest hit with the audience was Street Song. Well done to everyone, especially Frances, who did some excellent timekeeping.

The other ensemble I performed in was Chapel Choir, which sang three pieces: Angelus ad pastores ait, O mighty king (a choral from the St John’s Passion) and My soul there is a country. It was quite a rush trying to get organised after Percussion, as I mistook Choral Society for Chapel and panicked. Slightly embarrassing, but all the songs turned out great, especially Angelus, the hardest one (in my opinion). Well done to Ruby Joyce for an excellent performance in both Chapel and Choral Society.

Overall, I really enjoyed the Autumn Concert and I can’t wait for next year! By the way, if you want to hear some more from the St John’s Passion, Chapel Choir, Vox, the Stamford Choral Society and Cantare/Cantarini are preforming it in the De Montford Hall in March.