The Year 7 Lads Blog their Camping Residential to the Peak District.

The Year 7 Camping Trip to the Peak District

On our long trip to the camp site I was playing top trumps and story cubes with my friends when we stopped, and everybody got excited. “Are we there?” was the question everyone was asking. But to our great disappointment we still had 1 mile walk till we arrived at the camp. So, everyone picked up their bags and headed off to our destination.
When we arrived there we dropped our bags off at the camp which was just an open field with dry stone walls surrounding us and a small thicket of willows, hawthorns and a thick floor of bracken. Soon we started to play hide and seek through out the camp and we discovered a small river at the bottom of the field witch was our main camp. From the river we could see immense hills almost mountains towering over the camp. Hide and seek was a blast and could have continued all day but the teachers called us in for sausages (which we cooked ourselves!)

After a delicious meal we went to our tents to find a jumper as the sun had just gone down and the temperature had dropped considerably. The teachers came and told everybody to find a torch and meet at the Portaloos. So, we all arrived decked out for the night walk. We walked for an hour till we arrived at a spooky church-ravine. And before long we were in the ravine and walking back to camp. That was the end of our eventful first day.
On the second day we had Bush craft lessons and we learnt the basics of surviving in the wild. Fire, water and shelter were the 3 main points of instruction and then after that we sat round the camp fire and did a talent show to end our second day. We also went out to The Roaches, some awesome rocks where we did rock hopping, abseiling and rock climbing.

The last day was similar to day one the only difference was the main activity and the return trip order. The main activity was raft building one I’ve done before, and it works better when you work as a team.
On the return trip we use the girls’ bus and in return they went to use our camp. All in all it was a very good trip. We were able to bond as a year group whilst doing some really fun activities.