Millie Hall shares her cooking blog!

Cooking Blog by Millie Hall

I have always enjoyed helping my Dad prepare dinner for family get togethers.   I have had a lot of practice in peeling potatoes, chopping onions and marinating meats.  I have also always loved baking cakes and started baking by myself when I was 9.

Now that I am 11 and have been doing this for a while I am interested in taking part in some TV shows such as The Junior Bake Off and Junior Master Chef.


I enjoy cooking and baking because it is fun and takes my mind off things.  I am quite creative and I like to reflect that in my baking. I sometimes add food colour to cake sponge and go wild with decorations to make them look deliciously awesome.

My favourite things to make are cupcakes, cake pops and cakes… most things sweet!  My favourite cakes are lemon cake and coffee cake and my best bake so far is magical unicorn cupcakes.  I do love spicy food too and really enjoyed making and eating a pad thai dish from a Tilly Ramsay cookbook.

Here are some fun things I have cooked and baked over the summer.  I took the photos myself so I am feeling like a real food stylist too!

I wonder what delicious food I will be making next?

Millie Hall