Sam blogs about the Year 7 Lincoln History Trip

The Lincoln trip

On Friday 15th of June year seven went to Lincoln on a history trip and I think it’s fair to say we all really enjoyed the experience. It was great! Here are some of the things we did: (before I say what we did please understand that we were provided with pack lunches and split up into 4 groups)

First my group made our way to Lincoln castle and walked along the wall. It was so much higher up there than I expected! We walked across the wall for a while then, in groups of 5 we went down into the medieval dungeon. The awesome Mr. Gloucester taught us all about the castle, the other teachers where also fun they explained all about Lincoln and when we went to the keep Mr. Henry explained what the keep would have been used for.

Next we ventured in to prison and it looked like the classic Victorian prisons you see in films! The cells where not at all spacious and where all very small. We then went into the prison chapel; we went into our separate pews, took some pictures and learnt what each thing in the chapel is or does then we made our way out of the prison. Mr. G gave us a Victorian sermon on morals and justice which really helped us to understand the times.

At last it was time to the shop and have lunch but the day wasn’t over get! After we had stuffed our faces we met up with Mr. Goodman and made our way into the cathedral. As we entered the cathedral we gazed in awe at how big the room we were in was. We passed thought

the gateway and looked at the remains of Saint Hughes tomb and finally the infamous Lincolnshire imp.

Now it was final time to get back on the bus. We had had a great time and learnt a lot but we were all really tired! Once we were all in the bus we began our journey home.