Freya blogs about Eco Hotel as part of her STEM project.

STEM project

For the past couple of months, Frances , Zara , Evie Ainscough, Evie Joyce, Molly and I have been working on a STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) project called “eco hotel”. In this project we have had to design and work out the logistics of our very own Eco Hotel.

This project has been very fun to work on, as well as providing great learning opportunities. We have all enjoyed it very much.

We started this project off by working out how much energy different appliances used and for how long in the day people would use them. This helped us find out which devices we should use, and which we should make more energy efficient. For example, we discovered that air conditioning used more energy than a ceiling fan and we therefore decided to install ceiling fans in our hotel.We also carried out a survey as to what leisure activities people wanted to undertake and thought about how we could provide these in the most ecologically friendly way. We decided on unheated swimming pools (the hotel is in Greece so the water would be heated by the sun) and a gym that would convert energy form the exercise machines to help power the hotel. Other ways that we provided energy was through solar panels on the roof and piezoelectric material underneath the pavements that, when slightly deformed, give off a small amount of voltage.


We have now started to design the branding of the hotel, building it around three “E”s: ecological (obviously), economical and eclectic. Just a few examples of our eclecticism are free range and locally sourced food, living walls and eco-friendly bricks.

I would definitely recommend anyone who has the opportunity to take part in next years STEM project. Who knows what you’ll get to design!  We’d like to thank the wonderful Sam Folkes (see picture) and everyone at Caterpiller Perkins…and of course Mr Burke for organising this all for us!


By Freya Ibbott