Milly blogs about competing in the Inter Regional Regatta!

I have had a great time racing in a quad with the same girls for the last 2 years, we currently row at Nottingham County Rowing Association.
We have competed in many regattas and head races all over the country together.
To represent the East Midlands at the Inter Regional Regatta, we had to race in a trial a couple of weeks prior to this event, against many crews from different clubs from the East Midlands Region.
The finals were held on 23rd April, we came first in our heat to row in the A final. The final race was very exciting, we had a great start and were ahead of Henley until the 1500m mark.
Henley came back in an attempt to overtake, and both quads battled it out for the gold medal, however Henley had a final burst of strength. We responded with great determination, but frustratingly they managed to beat us by one second.