Mollie blogs on the Beast from the East!


The ‘Beast from the East’ arrives at Stamford!


After cold and snowy conditions hitting the country this week, it has left Stamford High School low on numbers as many students and teachers are unable to get in. Temperatures have reached lows of -8 and there have been areas with 12 inches of snow. The winter storm, named the ‘Beast from the East’, has come from Russia. Many people have loved the winter weather; however it has caused many accidents and delays on roads.

What do the teachers have to say?

Mr Clift: He walks to school and finds the snow very difficult to travel. He doesn’t like wearing his wellies!

Mrs Buckman: She loves the snow! However, it stopped her going to school on Wednesday. Her cat doesn’t like the snow!

Mrs Allen: She found it hard to get into school and she swerved in her car.

Mrs Harte: She couldn’t get into school on Wednesday and she had mixed classes. She did have one full class despite the low numbers!

Mollie Nottingham, Year 8