Stephanie Kelly blogs a new poem: Locked Eyes.

The following poem was entered for The Christopher Tower Poetry Competition 2018.
The theme for the competition was secrets.
Locked Eyes
At a red
light in Abu Dhabi,
over sparkling tarmac, I locked eyes
with a man. Through my window
he saw my Dutch braids
and aimless head
the glass and the
steel’s surreal reflection
which was tainted only by you, the
exception. A sore sight for our eyes,
you were bruised and despised,
your limbs tangled together
with theirs like the
net you were
caught in.
Caught in
my gaze, you
watched me ignore
you until the red light changed.
I was ashamed to have been afraid
knowing you’ve left behind your home and
mine is made of concrete, tile and your
brother’s flesh. This was no secret,
just an ugly reminder
we’d forget
every time.
Every time,
you would breath
us into the sky, through
cancerous lungs, on streets you
built but do not belong. That day, on
that bus, you saw the disgust rising
through my gut. You saw me
and my window
was shut.
Stephanie Kelly, Year 12