Lara Monahan blogs an original poem: Mind the Gap.

The following poem was entered for The Christopher Tower Poetry Competition 2018.
The theme for the competition was secrets.
Mind The Gap
Box of sticky seats
Smell of sweaty heat
Business men in fleets
Rumbling underground beat
No more space, no seats
Rocking on my feet
Eyes that never meet
Strangely discreet
Shuffling my feet
Heart is all offbeat
It must be me
Tube lines knot my gut
from Farringdon
to Paddington,
He’s there
behind me
Close behind me
Close enough to touch
shared breath,
stale air,
screaming brakes:

train and shoulders shudder.

Underground rumble
Overground tremble
Secretly sharing
Vacant face(s)
Crowded place(s)
Lips sealed.
Obstructing the doors
causes delays.
Faceless each time, just
Men and their business
Men and their business
Mind the gap
They push past to meet
Stairs up to the street
And I
Take a sticky seat.
By Lara Monahan, Year 12