Frankie Nicholson blogs an original poem, Hidden : A mask of secrets.

The following poem was entered for The Christopher Tower Poetry Competition 2018.
The theme for the competition was secrets.
Hidden: A mask of secrets.
I’m here on the page.
My happiness, my joy, my love,
The whole world can see them.
I’m paper thin.
The Secrets, that hide inside.
Pulling, pulling, pulling me into the darkness.
I’m faded, blackened,
Almost gone.
The Monsters, they take my hand,
Dragging, dragging, dragging me deeper.
Floundering, sinking, now drowning.
They’ve shut me down.
The Secrets.
My brain, it’s taken control.
False armour,
Fake protection.
My hollowed-out shell.
I’m hiding inside,
I’m a thin, thin ghost

In a smiling machine.

How can company make you feel so alone? (You’re far from alone.)
So empty.
Possessed and confused. (But you’re human.)
I’m falling. I’m failing.
Slowly, slowly, slowly,
With each breath in and out, in and out, in, and out.
I’m slipping further, further, further away.
It’s the biggest secret of all,
And it’s taken my name.
By Frankie Nicholson, Year 13