Stamford beat Oakham in ESU debate. Read the winning debate!

This House would allow upper rate taxpayers to redirect a significant proportion of their taxes to charities of their choice The proposition may tell us about good charities – such as shelter – while these charities are extremely good for this country, they are only there as the government does have money to support them, […]

Hector blogs on British Foreign Policy Misjudgements

How We Created an Enemy: Iran Before 1953 Iran was a constitutional Monarchy, with the Shah (Iranian monarch) being the head of state, but with a parliament controlling the government. Very much like how the United Kingdom works. Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh, the prime minister of Iran during pre-1953 was a democratically elected leader, who […]

Esme and Emily blog on their Cambridge Trip

Our trip to CAMBRIDGE The cast gallery and other adventures Date 22.1.18 What we did Cast gallery We were both very excited for this trip. We set off in the school car, and arrived in Cambridge at 1 o’clock. We set off to the Cast Gallery, only a five-minute walk from where we parked. The […]