Sarah blogs about the political crisis in Venezuela, in Spanish.

La Crisis Venezolana.   La capital venezolana, Caracas, vio manifestaciones en sus calles casi todos los días desde abril hasta junio de 2017. Las personas que se oponen al gobierno están acusando al Presidente Maduro de convertirse en un dictador y desean que dimite. Esta no es la primera vez que la población venezolana ha […]

Joe Evans blogs the benefits of not giving up.

At Stamford school many opportunities open up for a willing student to take part in activities such as extra curricular activities, team sport activities and house activities. To me as a member of Brazenose House, I have always been willing to compete in any activity it may be that would help towards my house. When […]

Lottie blogs on winning the Rutland Radio Star Award.

Rutland Radio Star Award Last term, I was fortunate enough to be submitted as a candidate for the Rutland Radio Star Award competition by Mr Jones, my current Philosophy and Ethics teacher. Then, much to my surprise, a couple of weeks later Mr Jones received a phone call informing him that I had won the […]

Toby Blogs on Nottingham Forest’s FA Cup win over Arsenal.

Every dog has its day Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was left licking his wounds after his team of pedigree cup winners were dumped out of the FA cup in the third round for the first time under his managerial spell in 22 years.  The final result in what Nottingham Forest supporters would call the biggest […]

Read and support Meg Ellison’s blog to change Public Health England’s policy.

Public Health England has recently introduced a campaign encouraging parents to only allow their children two 100 calorie snacks per day (excluding fruit and vegetables.) Whilst one agrees with the promotion of healthy eating and reducing the amount of sugar in our children’s diets, I disagree with using 100 calories as a mark of health. […]

Esme Blogs her poem which has won a place in the Artefact of Art book.

The Tear of Krito Inspired by: A stone grave stele depicting Krito and Timarista from the necropolis at Kameiros, Rhodes, 5th century BCE.    “The grave relief of daughter and mother Krito and Timarista was the ancient artefact that inspired me to write this poem. I was inspired to write my poem on this artefact […]

Team SES are canoeing 172km of the River Spey for Charity.

Spey: Source to Sea 2018 Hello! Myself, and my twin Pip are in our final year of Sixth Form at Stamford. After our final exams in summer, we’re canoeing all 172km of Scotland’s fastest flowing river, The River Spey, from the source to the sea, unsupported. From Loch Spey to Spey Bay, using Canadian canoes, […]

Year 7 enjoy first cricket net! Blogs Oliver Dring.

Year 7 enjoy first Cricket Session Our first year 7 cricket session was on Monday 8th of January. 35 Year 7 Students, including myself, arrived at this session eager for the hour and a half of good cricket ahead. The session was taken by former England fast bowler, Mr. Headley and our teacher, Mr. Gloucester. […]