We need to talk about Donald, blogs Lottie.

Is it all “Fire and Fury”? And why do we need to stop jumping on the “I hate Trump” bandwagon?  If I was an American in 2016 I would have voted for Trump. Why? I disagreed with the ideas of Hilary Clinton.  Her policies didn’t address the  problems of blue collar America approach and her focus on liberal ideas and celebrity support were not solutions to America’s problems.

Trump, however eccentric, says what he thinks (via twitter) and some of which aligned well with elements of American society that felt neglected during the Obama years: particularly the working and middle classes worried about their jobs and income.   Collectively if Trumps’ views annoy the liberals they haven’t heard those of his Vice President, Mike Pence who Trump chose to run with him in 2016 to gain support from the more extreme Republicans. Pence stood with views apposing abortion, extending gay rights and climate change and makes Trump seem quite liberal in comparison.

The fact that Trump says what he means is appealing for many and defiantly varies from his election nemesis Hilary Clinton who spent the majority of her campaign behaving like a more conventional politician.  Trump’s populism means that people who are not normally interested in politics listened to him.  The media as a whole view Trump in a very bad light the “fake news” surrounding him has shaped many of our views on him today. Not that he doesn’t do things wrong, because he certainly has but he isn’t a career politician and has had little experience of politics, but does have plenty of the real world. He is bound to make mistakes just like any other political figures do.

However controversial, he has successfully led a business that turns over $20 billion a year and understands the economy better than any other presidential candidate.  I believe that Trumps lack of experience in the narrow world of politics may have worked in his favour for many American voters as they can’t relate to career politicians. Unlike many politicians he is not as worried about making controversial changes: his acceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel is just one example of something that previous presidents had promised but never undertook.

Despite all the negative comments and stories about him in the news Trump has lowered taxes effectively increasing the stock market by 30% which equates to an increase of $4 trillion and increasing the country’s GDP. This has certainly stabilised Americas economy since the presidency of Obama, as well as providing many more jobs for Americans, a promise that Trump is evermore fulfilling.

This positive change to America has increased his popularity amongst his party and he has been called one of the most successful first year presidents ever.

So to be honest Trump can be foolish  and e can say things that aren’t diplomatic, but this non-conformism is why he won and are positive aspects in many peoples eyes. So however many protests are organised and “reveal all” books that they write about him he’s still the president of the U.S.

Lottie Henderson, Year 12.