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Showcase of Dance 2018 Blog

The annual SHS Dance Showcase has once again provided the opportunity for dancers of all ages and abilities to come together for three spectacular evenings of entertainment. Throughout the Autumn term, girls from years 7-13 have worked tirelessly to choreograph their very own dances on the theme of “Children’s Books”. With freedom to employ any style of dance from classical ballet to hip-hop the smorgasbord of short performances was involving and challenging for both the audience and performers alike.


Under the careful guidance of Mrs Watson we were encouraged to experiment with costumes, hair, make-up and music in order to deliver our own interpretation on the theme. Particular mention should go to the year 7 participants for whom this first opportunity must have been somewhat nerve-racking.



The audiences were treated to a plethora of stories chosen by the girls from the light-hearted Cat in the Hat, through the energetic Three Blind Mice, to the sombre Jessica’s Ghost. This years UDANCE entry and the y7 Cavell House dance showcased the competitive spirit of many of the girls.

Not only did the girls demonstrate a variety of styles, but they also included a range of techniques from the precision of intricate tap, to the physicality of the backflipping gymnasts. The Swan Princess enabled some of our more advanced performers to deploy their skills en-pointe.

Thanks must go to Isabella and Jenson for their ‘jokes’ and to Mr Spalding for his faultless sound and light display. Finally, none of this would have been possible without the continued enthusiastic support of Mrs Watson to our ever-growing dance community.

Aragon Greenway.  Year 13