Elliot Wade blogs about the Yr 11 scholars’ trip to Fitzwilliam College

With the trauma of the maths mock exam still fresh in their minds, 20 year 11s staggered from the hall to a waiting bus bound for Cambridge. A short ride later we had arrived at Mr Gloucester’s alma mater: Fitzwilliam College. We were there to explore the college, learn about student life and the mysterious admissions process.

Upon disembarking from the bus we met with students and were led into the buttery, where we were invited to ask questions about student life and get to know the people who would be guiding us around. After a generous helping of lasagne, we split into groups, each led by a current student of the college.

Following the student assigned to us we saw all aspects of college life: sports facilities, bedrooms and the centre of student life: the library. Whilst walking around we learned about what extra-curricular activities that are available at the college. Of course there is a wide ranging choice of societies including communal gardening, a barbershop harmony group and (mass) debating (yes it is called this, check the website if you don’t believe me).

The tour culminated in a visit to the lecture theatre where we were invited to ask questions that we didn’t get to ask on the tours to a panel of students. It was here also where we were able to shed some light on the daunting process of trying to get into such a prestigious university. The best advice I took from the Q and A session was to get involved and get work experience in the field that you would enter after your degree with one of the alumni jokingly saying, ” I thought I wanted to go into medicine, but it turns out I hate people…” We also learned that the best thing that we could do at this stage is read around subjects we like and gain some greater knowledge in the area.

The trip allowed us to get a feel for life at a Cambridge college and some hope that one day we could also be sporting a Fitzwilliam tie like Mr Gloucester. Many thanks to Mrs Leetch and Mr Gloucester for organising the trip.

Elliot Wade, Year 11.  Scholar.