Elliot blogs persuasively about the problem with Plastics.



This is the number of plastic bags used per second. That is 5 trillion in a YEAR! That’s over 700 a year for every single person on the planet.

It seems IMPOSSIBLE to stop using plastic as it is being used for so many things.

So where does all the plastic that we use go?

Some of it is recycled, quite a bit ends up in landfill, and sadly more than you can imagine ends up in the oceans.

8 MILLION tons of plastic ends up in our ocean every year. If washed up on a beach, a crisp packet can last about 80 years, that’s if no animal eats it.

Plastic pollution in seas and oceans is responsible for killing 100,000 marine mammals, such as whales, dolphins and seals and 1 MILLION sea birds every year. To sea turtles, a plastic bag can look like a tasty jellyfish snack.


To reduce the amount of plastic we use, we can:

· Take a reusable bag when we go to the shop.

· Stop using straws, we don’t need them.

· Use a reusable water bottle.

· Recycle everything you can.


By Elliot Long.