Esme Blogs her poem which has won a place in the Artefact of Art book.

The Tear of Krito

Inspired by: A stone grave stele depicting Krito and Timarista from the necropolis at Kameiros, Rhodes, 5th century BCE. 


“The grave relief of daughter and mother Krito and Timarista was the ancient artefact that inspired me to write this poem. I was inspired to write my poem on this artefact because I wanted to capture the emotions of the end of a familiar family relationship between the mother and daughter after the death of the mother. I saw the relief when on holiday in Greece and was captivated by its emotional beauty.


A tear of sadness stumbled down Kritos’ cheek,

Her emotions twirling like a tornado,

Her mother and daughter bond was always meek,

Her love for her mother a never-ending flow.


Loss of a mother tears her apart,

Fear of another loss grips at her heart,

Heaven calls mother, as sweet as a dove,

And as deserved as my never-ending love.


Don’t worry my child, I am free,

From sorrow and pain,

As I pass on to a different domain.

Don’t cry, dear child.

Don’t paint your face with another tear.

I will still see you, my child,

Just from all the way up here


By Esme Kroese, Year 10.