It’s never too cold for running club, blogs Esme!

In a week beginning with snow we felt Christmas was even closer and with such a rare occasion of snow we chose to make the last run before Christmas particularly festive and special.This year we decided to do a Christmas themed run at running club. During this run we really got into the Christmas spirit, dressed up with fairy lights(Mrs Johnstone shone like the star she is!) tinsel and Santa hats. It was even cold enough to make good use of some lovely Christmas jumpers! Our route went by houses covered in Christmas lights, and was diligently researched by Mrs Johnstone to make sure we had the most festive run possible.We even took a photo next to a house with a glorious display. It was a really nice run. Everyone was cheered and enjoyed it, the Christmas spirit was so apparent in the cold air that it was nearly palpable!

Well done Mrs Johnstone and Mr Sekhar for braving the cold of the snowy weather and a Merry Christmas from all at the running club!

Esme Kroese, Year 10