Hannah Blissett blogs her poem inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Attached is a re-creative response to Gerard Manley Hopkins’ famous poem, ‘Pied Beauty’. The link to the original poem is here: https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/44399/pied-beauty

“Glory be to Oceans”- Inspired by Gerard Manley Hopkins

Glory be to Mother Nature for submarine things,

For waves of explicit magnitude slapping the sand

As a vengeful army throwing their spears.

For rushing ripples composed of pattering rain,

All stipple upon wrinkled, aged and humble rocks.

Crustaceans pink, white and gold monopolizing shores in lustre.

Fish frantically darting in eager agitation,

Pearly white jellyfish pulsing and throbbing,

And clumped seaweed, towering algae

And tumbling waters arresting tranquil bays.


All things aquamarine gliding or pummelling,

All remote rare reefs or plain placid pools.

All things arctic, anomalous, pacific, immersed.

Whatever is soaked, swallowed, drowned (who knows how?)

With violence, vitality; passive, still; devoid, laden

Waters father-forth whose expanses are past-change.

Praise these drowned delights.

Hannah Blissett, Year 10