My first 3 weeks at Stamford High School. By Isabel Philby

My first three weeks at SHS! 

How did I feel on the first day?

I was mostly excited because I got the chance to make new friends; I was a bit nervous too, but after the first morning, the nerves had gone away! I couldn’t wait to meet everyone and find my way around.

What’s been the best lesson so far?

I ‘ve really enjoyed all of my lessons so far-especially PE/Games and maths. Mr Williamson makes maths a lot more fun and I still learn a lot every lesson too. Maths is now one of my favourite subjects. I have always enjoyed Games/PE. Miss Naismith, Miss Vaughn, Mrs Bewers and Miss Leddy have been great teachers too!

Which extra-Curricular things do I enjoy?

Hockey club has been my favourite so far. I really enjoy it.

So far I have tried: Hockey club, Debating club, Football club, Rugby club, St Martins Society and Running club. They have been good fun so I will carry on going to them.


What do I like most about SHS?

My favourite thing so far is that everyone is very kind and helpful. Every time I have been lost, someone has helped me. If I ever need to find something out I know I can ask anyone because everyone is trustworthy-I haven’t met a mean person yet.

I value the SOCS system because it tells me everything I need to know about the after-school clubs. I also like the wide range of clubs-there is something to suit everyone’s individual personality.

I also like the idea of the tuck shop and ice cream van. They are great things tom look forward to for the end of the week.

Another thing I love about SHS is the huge variety of trips. They sound very exciting and educational (sometimes they combine with sport, that’s what I love about them!)


There is nothing I could fault about Stamford Girls School. It is a perfect school and I can’t wait for the amazing seven years to come!

ISABEL PHILBY, 7LRM. September 2017