Emilia Nico reviews Wolf Brother!

Wolf Brother is a book from the chronicles of ancient darkness written by Michelle Paver and was published in 2004 by Orion children’s books; the other five books are called: Spirit Walker, Oath Breaker, Outcast, Soul Eater and Ghost Hunter.

It is about a boy called Torak who goes on an adventurous journey to the mountain of the world’s spirit to kill the strong, demented bear that was haunting the gloomy forest. On his way, Torak encounters a lost wolf cub and some terrifying situations! After the bear took his father’s life, Torak is determined to reach the world’s spirit to kill the bear.

My favourite character in this book is Torak because he is adventurous, brave and is caring towards Wolf, the lost cub.

Unlike most books that take a while to get into the action, in this book, the excitement starts right from the beginning and I was captivated from the first paragraph! It is a challenging book that really gets you thinking.

This is such an interesting book and has so much going on in it! I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves an adventurous, mysterious, exciting and unique story.

Emilia Nico, Year 7. September 2017.