Put your hair in a bun and just run!

We’re loving Hockey in Year 7! 46 girls attend training on Tuesday evenings and we are put through our paces by Miss Naismith, Miss Leddy and Miss Vaughan. Isabel Laventure is at present top goal scorer and has some flash new stash!   Charlotte Dean has been welcomed into the team and can often be seen with a ‘V drag’ on the left wing, whilst Penny Phelan has got the bullet speed! Not the space to mention everyone but we love playing hockey!

Saturday 16th September marks our first home and away fixtures with the A and B team at home at SS against Bedford Girls High School and the C and D teams away v Nottingham High School. Please come and support us if you can! We’ve learnt loads of coaching tips, but we like this one from Miss Naismith best: “put your hair in a bun and just run!”

Eva Stones, September 2017.